5-Week Primary School Program

As good as...

Kat & Bodhi in your classroom. But only a fraction of the cost. In fact, for this 5-week program, we broke our face to face (much loved) 'Just Breathe' workshop into 5 bite sized (9 - 12 mins) videos, to be played in-class on the big screen (projector) so we can really be there with your kids. 

* Optional in-class activities, lesson plans and resources included. 

What's inside?

Pricing Options

You can gain access and start Mindful Breathing today.



Full access for one teacher.

5 x Weekly Videos

5 x Printable Activities

6 x Guided Audios

Email support

*Bonus* Quarterly live group calls with Kat & Bodhi




Full access for all teachers of one school.

5 x Weekly Videos

5 x Printable Activities

6 x Guided Audios

Email support

*Bonus* Quarterly live group calls with Kat & Bodhi





Whole School Approach

3 x 45 minute Student Workshops

1 x 60 minute Teacher Training

Full access to Online School




Meet Your Teachers

Kat & Bodhi 

Known as a "breath of fresh air". Kat and Bodhi founded Breathe Project in 2015 and have since worked face to face with 135+ schools. With their unique combination of qualifications in health science, psychosomatic therapy, yoga, partner acrobatics and surfing, they travel (in person and online) to empower individuals across the globe.

Our Mission

By 2024, we envision 3-minutes of Mindful Breathing being just a normal part of the school day. Like recess, but for your mind and body. Reducing daily stress and anxiety, while building a fundamental skill (12 years of school) for our kids to thrive in life. 

- Kat & Bodhi

What are other teachers saying?

"Before kids start their writing tasks we take a few deep Mindful Breaths to prepare. I have noticed that they seem a lot more focused on writing. It has helped the kids a lot. I am seeing great results."

Tarcutta Public School, NSW, Australia

"They kids were in stitches seeing Bodhi act the emotions and kept asking to see that part of the video again throughout the week.They have started to use the breathing with each other and I use it whenever I can to model the relevance in real life situations."

Andrew Holt
Primary Teacher - Far North QLD, Australia

"It was very worthwhile. This is something that I believe is so important for our young people to know & learn so that it just becomes part of their life."


"The kids have been using 'Just Breathe' to remind each other, particularly to help a student who has anger issues. I've been using the Just Breathe jar example and the arms in the air & clicking technique."

Erin Mettam
Primary Teacher, NT, Australia

If you would like further information, please visit www.breatheproject.com.au 
If you have any queries, we're here to help, email us info@breatheproject.com.au


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